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Flirt with Food… at Work


So, I get to work for 10pm and my colleague tells me there’s some chinese food in the staff room for me. He’s bought me chinese food! 

I’m assigned to Wash Empty for the first four hours of work – essentially, I’m pulling all of the racks out of the washers when they’re finished and putting all of the instruments on the racks for people to take and work on. He decides he’s going to help me. Rare moment this! The help is not needed, but very much appreciated.

I can’t help but think he has an ulterior motive, as he has in the past commented on how pretty he thinks I am. He’s newly single too, so now I’m thinking… we’re not that close but he’s bought me food, and is helping me with my work. Hmm…

It’s very possible that this is just a guy being friendly, and I’m hoping that is the case…


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