What Would You Say?


So, what would you say to the guy/girl that you like, but they turned you down?

Me? I’d tell Joe you’re an adult. Speak your mind.

I think his excuse for ending it with me is hogwash. I genuinely think Joe is a nice guy, and he probably finds it difficult to tell me the real reason. What do I think the real reason is? I have three assumptions.

  1. He’s looking for something more casual.
  2. I’m a chubster.
  3. He’s scared to fall in lesbians with me.

Number one would be much easier for him to say however, and number three is actually a lot of fun… which is why I’m opting for number two on this occasion. Joe thinks I have a pretty face, and a pretty awesome personality (self-assessment, of course), but I’m just not ticking his physical box and I accept that. I wouldn’t be upset or angry if it was true, I’m actually a very understanding person. I already know my size is an issue (for me – fuck everyone else’s opinions) and I am changing that. For me, and only me.

Joe probably needs the whole package and so far, I can only offer 2 out of 3. I’m not sad about that, disappointed maybe but not sad. If anything, he’s missed out on a first-rate girl.


It’s also easier for me to opt for number two because before we met, he were super keen on me. Afterwards, well… not so much. So it doesn’t take a genius to piece it together for it to make sense.

He isn’t perfect. He’s flawed like the rest of us, but even I fell for his flaws. There was nothing (though I had much to experience and learn with Joe – he is somewhat a stranger to me) that I would have changed about him.

I do wonder, had I not been the size I am… just how well would our date have gone? How many times would I have seen him since?

…Murphy’s law.

Either way, this is how it is now and I’m tired of thinking about him, and his reasoning. Right now, I am being patient with myself. I am just happy to be by myself, losing weight and having a much better, and healthier lifestyle.

Life is full of disappointments, it’s a shame I need to add Joe to that list.


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